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PVC enclosure

is best for maintaining stable temperature and humidity levels, while also ensuring easy cleaning and durability, making it an excellent choice for housing and caring for reptiles in captivity

Screen cage

is best for reptiles that require ample ventilation and exposure to ambient light, as it allows for efficient airflow and UVB penetration, creating a more natural and healthy environment for them

Mini cage

best suited for small reptile species, such as geckos or hatchling snakes, providing a compact and controlled space for their habitat needs

They like our enclosure

“Item received in perfect condition (we were worried about that). Had a couple questions, the seller was prompt to answer them. My grandson loves this terrarium, says it is perfect for his ball python..”
Korey Torres
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“This seems to be a good enclosure and was shipped the two days later I ordered it,my bearded dragon loves it.!”
Terry Dennis
chameleon, reptile, animal-7785019.jpg
“Exactly what I ordered and arrived early thanks for the item perfect condition and fast shipping thanks again would definitely order from again!”
Katy Gilmore

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