Black 44″x20″x20″ PVC Reptile Enclosure-76 Gallons-2PCS

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  • Comes with two enclosures and spacers
  • One stop habitat space solution from juvenile to adults for mostly reptile
  • Stackable and extendable Reptile Habitat Enclosure
  • Sturdy Support Bars incorporated both top screen and bottom panel
  • Enhanced Heat and Humidity Retention

How to choose suitable size enclosure?

Terrarium Size Guidelines:

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48″ x 24″ x 24″ Acrylic Sliding Doors For Bearded Dragon-Stackable-2pcs with spacers

Almost every reptile needs specific temperature and humidity to maintain basic homeostasis. It’s vital to choose a comfortable reptile enclosure.ToxiRium is committed to providing an ideal environment for your reptile.

Choose ToxiRium PVC Large Reptile Terrarium to give them a comfortable home!

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48*24*24inch 120 Gallon Equivalent Large PVC Reptile Enclosure-stackable-2pcs with spacers

  • With spacious dimensions of 48″x24″x24″ and an equivalent capacity of 120 gallons, Toxirium reptile habitat offers ample room for reptiles to explore, hide, rest, and feel secure
  • Equipped with support bars on the top screen and bottom, Toxirium reptile tank ensures secure placement of lighting fixtures and inside decoration without the risk of holding up to 105 lbs.
  • Enhanced Heat and Humidity Retention due to PVC lower conductivity.
  • Thrive for variety reptiles :bearded dragons,ball pythons,leopard geckos,desert lizards,sand boas,small desert tortoises etc.
  • Sturdy and stackable, ideal option when you need to house many reptiles in the same room

The Advantages of Toxirium PVC Reptile Enclosures:

  • Great for maintaining heat and humidity
  • Easy for clean and low maintenance
  • Stackable and Lightweight Design,relocating or reorganizing them becomes hassle-free.
  • Compatible with reptile fogger, heat lamp, UV lamp, heating pad, etc.
  • Non-reflective PVC panels, giving your pets more security and reducing stress on them

Q&A about this item:

How much weight can your enclosure hold?

Our Enclosure can support up to 100 lbs. of substrate without an issue.with bottom bar suppor, no worries the bottom panel bent

Yes, we design a support leg to lift the enclosure thus you can easily put heat mat under the enclosure to provide heat for your reptile

The top screen is made of sturdy stainless steel mesh and support bars welded into a steel frame that fits securely into the enclosure, the support bar also adjustbale left and right

Yes, Toxirium enclosure stackable and extendable by kits. Up to 2-3levels of stacked and can extend as much as you want to 

Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 20 × 20 in

76 gallon


PVC panels, Acrylic doors


2xFlat packed reptile enclosure, comes with spacers, 2xassemble instruction(-Exclude decorations and base wheels)





9 reviews for Black 44″x20″x20″ PVC Reptile Enclosure-76 Gallons-2PCS

  1. Jenny Rivera

    The stacked enclosure really save some space in my small house, thanks!

  2. Emma

    Fantastic enclosure! The 44x20x20inch size is perfect for my reptile, offering plenty of space to roam. Sturdy construction ensures durability. Highly recommend it!

  3. Nathan

    Fits like a glove! Despite its compact size, this enclosure provides ample room for my pet to explore. I’m impressed with its functionality and space-saving design.

  4. Ethan

    Stylish and practical! The sleek design adds a modern touch to any room while providing a comfortable living space for my reptile. Highly recommended for its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

  5. Olivia

    Versatile and convenient! The separate compartments allow me to create tailored habitats for my reptiles within the enclosure. A must-have for reptile enthusiasts seeking customization options.

  6. Liam

    Spacious and efficient! Despite its compact size, my reptile has plenty of room to move and explore. The stackable design is a game-changer for saving space. Highly recommend it!

  7. Sophia

    Exceptional build quality! The durable PVC construction and smart design make this enclosure stand out. It’s a wise investment for any reptile owner looking for long-term reliability.

  8. William

    While the enclosure offers sufficient space for my reptile, I found the assembly process to be slightly challenging. However, once assembled, it provides a comfortable home for my pet.

  9. Ava

    Innovative and adaptable! The customizable setup options allow me to create the perfect environment for my reptiles. It’s a versatile solution for creating different habitats.

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Black 44″x20″x20″ PVC Reptile Enclosure-76 Gallons-2PCS
Original price was: $589.99.Current price is: $559.99.
Estimated delivery on 29 July - 2 August, 2024
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